Britta Wenske

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after!" These are the words Britta works and lives by. 

She worked  as a journalist before she moved to Canada to live and work there where she stayed 5 years and created her first company, "Vocalis". In 2008 she moved to Hamburg and founded the rhetoric-institute speakupnow! based on the same concept. As a speech scientist and acting coach she works with actors and business people to help them improve their performance and communication skills.



Britta firmly believes that the tools the actor needs are as needed in a business environment: Using the voice properly, communicating clearly and with compassion, establishing a relationship to the audience and being present with what is happened around us.

Her passion for language and writing brought her to start writing speeches for business clients. The uniqueness in her works is shown in a two-path approach: Putting the speakers ideas into words and then helping the speaker to develop an approachable stage presence.

When she is not training or coaching you, Britta loves to swim and to be in the outdoors.