Patrick Liebl

Patrick's mission is to facilitate impactful presentations and speeches that resonate with the audience. Because it is one thing to have an amazing idea or important message that needs to be shared but a very different thing to communicate this idea and convince others about it. Public speaking is one of the most impactful opportunities one has in order to receive support. So the better we master it, the more successful we will become.

Patrick considers public speaking as a symbiosis of handcraft and art - just like cooking. One needs to know and practice basic skills and tools. But a talk or presentation that should really stand out needs the speaker's individual and authentic signature. However, there is no golden formula for that. It is much more a creative process that requires reflection about what we want to say and awareness of how we say it.


Patrick's trainings and coaching include both sides of public speaking: He supports speakers in mastering the skills and tools of public speaking and facilitates a creative process of reflection and awareness.  

Patrick's approach is always taking into account the speaker’s specific personality and goal as well as the audience’ expectation. His customized insights help the speakers to present their ideas and messages in a comprehensive and compelling way. 

Patrick has coached hundreds of TEDx speakers, CEOs, scientists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, politicians and other change makers. He has specialized in TED-style talks, storytelling, change communication, science communication, motivational speeches and pitching. Next to one-on-one coaching and general public speaking trainings he facilitates customized trainings and workshops that tackle specific challenges for different target groups. Such as:

  • Talk like TED
  • Storytelling Training
  • Pitch Trainings
  • Science Communication
  • Storytelling in Leadership
  • Strategic Storytelling in Sales
  • Establishing Alignment through Storytelling

As curator he also helps to develop new formats of live communication and to choose the right speakers, framework and setting for an event. 

Next to the large TEDx conferences in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich) Patrick Liebl has been working with a variety of national and international clients (selection): Austrian Ministry of Education, Bayer, BBDO, Beiersdorf, Better Place, Chamber of Commerce Salzburg, Deutsche Bahn, eBay, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Diplomacy Lab, Global Project Partners, Lufthansa, Pfizer, Spar, United Arab Emirates University, University of Salzburg, Volkswagen.