Tim Bookas

Tim, a U.S.-American based in München already for many years, is the founder and CEO of Breitenstein Consulting, a boutique consultancy for comprehensive change. From analysis of the status quo over the design of the change process to its implementation - he accompanies companies end-to-end. Key aspect of his philosophy is to enable the organziation and its leadership team to own the change process - with steady support, guidance and coaching. 

Tim worked for many years in a senior executive position at Siemens and continued to consult for them after he created his own consulting practice.

Examples of his track record are:
> International technology companies (e.g. Siemens)
> International IT companies (e.g. Microsoft, SAP)
> International pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Merck, Pfizer)
> International automotive companies (e.g. Johnson Controls, Sumitomo)
> International telecommunication companies (e.g. Unify, Telekom), and
> International chemical companies (InfraServ, United Initiators)


Tim believes:

„Change is the common denominator for everything we do. And no matter what the industry is  nor what the  challenge is, at the end of the day, it is all about people. And I am passionate about helping these people understand the need for change, the role that they can play and the benefits for them and their company.“

Through the collaboration with Tim and his team, Infinity Institute can offer high-quality
> Change management consulting, post-merger integration, divestiture support
> Evaluation of company culture & strategy
> Employee Surveys & Development
> 360° leadership assessment & individual feedback sessions based on the results
> Performance & Talent Management Solutions