We help organizations to master change, leaders to communicate better, and people to realize their goals through coaching, training and consulting.


Nothing is more risky and costly than maintaining the status quo. The world changes at an ever increasing pace. So:

  • We aim to prepare people and teams for adaptation and success in times of this accelerating, exponential change.

  • We consult organizations and leaders for transformational change and how to overcome barriers and resistance.

  • We coach executives and other individuals for personal and business success.

  • And we offer training and speaker coaching for impactful and inspirational communication.

We believe that our ability to make progress and to improve is
unbounded, or: “infinite”.
On an individual and organizational level, and ultimately as humankind.
What holds us back is only not knowing how.
Our mission is to address that “how”.

We support audacious people
who want to change themselves, their organizations, and the world.
— Christopher Kabakis, Founder Infinity Institute

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