4th Compass Salon "Creating Positive Futures"

What can science, science fiction & consciousness work tell us about the creation of positive future narratives? 

This is the guiding question of our next Compass Salon themed “From Club of Rome to personal transformation - Creating Positive Futures” on June 6, 6.30pm, once again hosted at the beautiful Co-Creation Loft Berlin, starring our two speakers Jörg Geier (Club of Rome) and Anjet Sekkat (Club of Life), among other things.


Picture yourself on a roof terrace in Kreuzberg (the Co-Creation Loft does have one!), surrounded by stimulating conversations while sipping a delicious rosé (sponsored by Nampelka) and overlooking the City of Berlin. You can make this image on your mind a reality by simply attending our next Compass Salon and thus create a (rather decent) positive future for yourself ;-).

But what about creating positive futures that go beyond the simple and short-term pleasures like a dinner party the following weekend or upcoming summer vacation? How can we create narratives for positive futures in the long term both on an individual and a societal level? How can we bring about change in a world with dystopian scenarios being omnipresent, causing us to fall back into familiar thought (and action) patterns almost instinctively?

Together with Anjet and Jörg we will try to understand and discuss how we can move on from the past and invent a truly new & better tomorrow for our societies & ourselves personally


Be ready for a multi-sensorial, interactive evening. We look forward to welcoming you to an exciting evening of discussion, insight and inspiration - standing high on the rooftops of Berlin and diving deep into our collective imaginary.




In different international roles, Jörg has focused on a range of impact-driven projects. He consults on innovation ecosystems, especially with a focus on green technologies. At Lucid. Berlin, a purpose-oriented digital agency, Jörg supports business development and partnerships. During his 5-year stint in San Francisco, he connected German and Silicon Valley-based companies and networks in cleantech and coordinated an executive development program on impact investing. An EU-funded project led him to do research on incentives for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Jörg directed customized leadership and capacity building programs at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School. He is a member of the Club of Rome and previously served as its Deputy Secretary General. In 2017, he coordinated an international water conference at and in collaboration with the Vatican.

At Compass Salon No. 4, Jörg will draw on his involvement with think tanks and networks, particularly the Club of Rome, whose focus is on scientific reports tackling long-term global problems and their interrelationships. He will take a look at lessons to be learned from science-fiction. Building on his experience in the area of sustainability and technology, Jörg will propose a vision for more positive future narratives.



Anjet is a life coach and has been working with couples, individuals and groups in processes of change for over 17 years. As a healing practitioner for psychotherapy and a former midwife, she is very interested in transformational processes that enable deeper movements within each person to manifest in life. Beginning her career as a midwife, she accompanied over 400 babies and their families on their journey into life.

Today, working as a transformational coach, she still focuses on supporting individuals and couples to give birth to new aspects in themselves. As a group facilitator, she is specialized in empowering people in their subtle competencies, in their capacity to relate, in transparent communication and in creating a new cultural learning field.

She loves working in online formats and has developed an expertise in online coaching and the facilitation of online group work. This reflects itself in her work with private clients in online formats, as well as in her work with Conscious-U and as well in the online courses of Thomas Hübl.

At the next Compass Salon we will discover together with Anjet the nature of the future: Is our future a repetition of our past or is our future an innovative update of ourselves - a truly new step in our lives? We will start by looking at where we are now and examining how we experience our current lives. Where are we living in repetitive circles? And where do we dare to step into something really new? Together we will explore what we need to create a future that represents our positive potential and is an update of ourselves.

Compass Salon is invitation only - if you’d like to attend drop us a line.