Community Summit 2018 LEAD Academy

Feb 17, 2018. "New Leadership, New World. - Leadership in times of digital change". This was the the theme of this year's LEAD Academy Community Summit on Feb. 16, 2018. Executives taking part in the Curriculum, alumni and trainers came together at the Kalkscheune in Berlin to learn about and discuss ideas on new leadership and network across sectoral boundaries. 

LEAD presented their new self assessment tool for executives - the "8 roles model" for different leadership roles such as "the Landscape Gardener", the "Sports Director", the "DJ", the "Seismologist", the "Trainer", the "Theater Director", or the "Zen Master". Those roles where then explored, analyzed and reflected upon in peer coaching and team work.


Afterwards there were three Speakers' Corners: "Organization of the future", "new business models", and "digital transformation and leading technologies". Speakers were Kerstin Prothmann, Principal Consultant at HRPepper, Shermin Voshmgir, Founder of Blockchain Hub and Lilith Al-Jadiri, Head of Digital Media, D&T at GfK.