301 words - sharing life experiences

Jan 19, 2018. Infinity's Speaker Coach Patrick Liebl has created a new platform to share life experiences in short stories - in not more than 301 words

Have you experienced something in your life that you would like to share with the world? Not because you are looking for admiration but because you want to give other people the opportunity to learn from your experiences? Is there a life lesson you learned, an insight you gained or any other kind of experience that you think is worth being told? Because it changed your life and might as well change the life of someone else? If you answered these questions with YES then 301 words invites you to contribute to the project. Have a look at previously published stories before if you like - they are truly touching and inspirational.

301 words is about sharing personal stories with anyone who wants to learn and get inspired by the life experience of others. Why 301 words? Because it forces you to focus on what really matters. Patrick and the team are looking for food for thought, short stories that are on point and enjoyable to read. And they think most of such stories can be told in 300 words. And they added another word (300+1) because they think that every word is powerful and to encourage you to challenge every word you write.

You can answer to their call for stories here.