„Before my talk my greatest concern was the strict time limit. Also in terms of humor and story dramaturgy I felt challenged. The most important thing during the coaching process was therefore the feedback to my narrative and dramaturgy of my talk – which parts are easily accessible, which are superfluous? How can a logical but also interesting sequence of the different narrative elements look like? I highly appreciated that my story was not treated according to a fixed scheme but that it was adapted to my person with great sensitivity. 
Since TEDx I am getting a lot more requests for talks and I am much more at ease with “little” groups of only 50-100 people – easy after a talk in front of 500 people! At TEDx I allowed myself for the first time to actually approach a talk with fun and joy. I had this wonderful moment when I was able to improvise. This makes a great difference to the delivery. A great experience!“ (translated from German)

Rasa's TEDxHamburg Talk: