Since always, my presentations were sounding like a car race. I have always had this bad habit to speak too fast. I never took the time to breathe ;), and thus let the audience breathe.
During the coaching, regarding the content, I really got great input in simplifying the subjects I was presenting, to make them interesting to non-specialist. This is typically something that many scientists struggle with and I am part of them on this characteristic. 
But regarding delivery I got the most critical advice especially on posture and speech fluency on stage, something that nobody ever explained to me! It was quite an eye opener, because now when I listen to presentations I pay attention to these things and I can correlate the quality of the presentation to these parameters, even in science!!
I think mostly I could understand how the body language and the speech mode can make a dramatic change in the delivery of the presentation and also to which extend people listen to you! Now, I made a little challenge to myself; I will use my scientific conferences to experiment these two things and understand how it changes the outcome of the presentation! Brilliant tools, brilliant!