"Chris is an excellent and insightful coach!  He has a unique ability to hone in on the parts of a presentation that you assume are clear but actually are not.  He provides observant and incisive feedback and criticism and asks key questions to get you to pull the story out of your talk that was hidden there all along.  He’s also not afraid to suggest that you sacrifice your idols — those little bits in a presentation that you may love but are actually totally useless for the audience — but he does so in a way that makes it seems like a natural improvement.  His advice is especially useful for those of us coming from highly technical fields like particle physics, where it’s easy to let the truly exciting ideas get buried under jargon and detail.  Chris is great at helping avoid that.  And speaking of detail, he’s also expert at getting you to think a bit bigger, to stretch beyond your original concept, to place your idea in a larger context, thus strengthening the talk."

You find James’ TED Talk here.