Martin Bell, CEO & Keynote Speaker

Christopher is a fantastic public speaking coach because of his holistic approach. He is expert not only in making the delivery captivating (which is what I wanted to work on first) but also in crafting a compelling narrative arc. What struck me was that he doesn't use a one-size-fits-all approach with his clients. Instead, his unique strength is that he tailors his approach to his clients and truly brings out the best in them, playing on their own strengths. I can recommend Christopher whole-heartedly to anyone wanting to improve his or her public speaking skills -- no matter your level of experience or the type of occasion.

Eugen Tissen, Vice President DB Schenker

I got to know Christopher an amazing coach with an impressive personality. He prepared me for my speech from the first ideas to the performance. His hints were very powerful and of a great insight to me. Small things can make a big difference! Christopher is very skilful at helping you to develop your own speech in your own style. He sees the issues and analyzes the situation with his sharp mind and medical precision. In my case he helped me to unfold the full potential. We even had some voice training a couple of hours before the speech. The rehearsals with him were motivating and inspiring. If you want to see yourself and your skills grow, have a chat with Christopher.

Sören Stamer, CEO Coremedia

"Die Kernidee für den Talk existierte früh, nicht jedoch die Geschichte dazu. Es brauchte eine Weile, um herauszuarbeiten, wie ich die Idee spannend, unterhaltsam und dazu persönlich erzählen kann. Wie so oft war eine zentrale Herausforderung, die Reduktion aufs Wesentliche.

Das Coaching mit Christopher kann ich allen Speakern überaus empfehlen. Mein Vortrag hat sehr davon profitiert, interessanterweise auch mein eigenes Verständnis des Themas. Der Austausch mit Christopher hat geholfen, Ideen zu testen und Annahmen zu hinterfragen. Seine Impulse animierten mich persönlicher zu werden und den Kern besser herauszuarbeiten. Überhaupt nehme ich aus dem Coaching mit, dass die Reduktion auf eine Kernidee entscheidend ist. Weniger ist oft mehr. Dieses Muster begleitet mich seit dem Vortrag mehr als davor. Ich bin sehr dankbar für diese Erfahrung."

Insa Thiele-Eich, Geo-Wissenschaftlerin & Astronautin

"Als Wissenschaftlerin bin ich Präsentationen zwar gewöhnt, aber diese sind sehr fact based. Das Coaching bei Christopher war demnach ein essentieller Bestandteil darin, meine Gedanken für das TEDx Format in einen idea-based Talk umzuwandeln und damit ein Publikum zu begeistern. Die gemeinsame Zeit im Vorfeld und der dadurch fest vorgegebene zeitliche Rahmen waren außerdem unheimlich hilfreich, um dem Event gut vorbereitet entgegenzusehen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse auch für meine wissenschaftlichen Vorträge von Vorteil sein werden."

Sercan Celebi, Co-Founder of "Vote & Beyond", Civil Society Volunteer

"I am not sure how many talks I have given before, but this was the first one where I had professional coaching! I felt a clear change in the level of engagement with the audience, as I paid more attention to intonations and body language in line with Chris' suggestions. All our stories are unique and precious; coaching clearly improves their impact on the audience, no matter how good we think we are as natural story tellers..."

Mareike Nieberding, Founder of DEMO

"Christophers Arbeit begann lange bevor das erste Wort meines Vortrags geschrieben war. Schon während unseres ersten Telefonats half er mir, meine Gedanken und Ideen in eine konsistente Geschichte zu verpacken. Während des Schreibens stellte ich mir immer wieder die Frage, die er mir gestellt hatte: Was ist deine Throughline? Woran können sich die Menschen durch deinen Talk hangeln? Er hat unermüdlich Kritik geübt, ohne je zu demotivieren. Vor allem die Vortragsübungen haben mir geholfen, eine innere Festigkeit zu finden. Mich nicht ablenken zu lassen. Bei meiner Botschaft zu bleiben. Auf der Ted-Bühne fühlte ich mich dank ihm sicher und gut aufgehoben."

Julia Köberlin, Founder of DER KONTEXT

"Deine Idee, eine Message und 12 Minuten. TEDx steht für knackige Vorträge, die in minimaler Zeit möglichst viel Inhalt vermitteln. Um das zu erreichen, ist wohl das Wichtigste, den Kern der eigenen Story auszuarbeiten, zu definieren, unwichtiges wegzulassen und relevantes hinzuzufügen. Dieser Prozess ist aufwändig, langwierig und ohne den geschulten Blick eines erfahrenen Coaches eine große Herausforderung. In intensiven Coaching Sessions hat Christopher meine Vorbereitung von der Idee zum fertigen Vortrag begleitet. Christopher hat das großartige Talent, den Kern der eigenen Story schnell zu erkennen, fachkundig und mit einem sehr guten Gespür die wichtigen Aspekte auszuarbeiten und mit großer Detailliebe an Nuancen zu feilen. 
Das Coaching war für mich aber viel mehr als das Erarbeiten der Storyline. Für eine perfekte Vorbereitung braucht man professionelle Tipps zu Themen wie Aufregung, Betonung, Intonation, Tempo und Sprechtraining. Der großartiger Input meines Speaker Coaches zu all diesen Bereichen half mir dabei meinen Vortrag perfekt vorzubereiten und darüber hinaus wird mir das Gelernte auch bei allen künftigen Präsentationen von großem Nutzen sein. TAUSEND DANK Christopher"


Chris is an excellent and insightful coach!  He has a unique ability to hone in on the parts of a presentation that you assume are clear but actually are not.  He provides observant and incisive feedback and criticism and asks key questions to get you to pull the story out of your talk that was hidden there all along.  He’s also not afraid to suggest that you sacrifice your idols — those little bits in a presentation that you may love but are actually totally useless for the audience — but he does so in a way that makes it seems like a natural improvement.  His advice is especially useful for those of us coming from highly technical fields like particle physics, where it’s easy to let the truly exciting ideas get buried under jargon and detail.  Chris is great at helping avoid that.  And speaking of detail, he’s also expert at getting you to think a bit bigger, to stretch beyond your original concept, to place your idea in a larger context, thus strengthening the talk.


Over the last two years, I have given many presentations at academic and technical conferences. I knew that a TED talk required something different and Christopher helped guide me through the process of sharing a complex idea into a short amount of time. Each meeting together contributed to refining the narrative and, most importantly, incorporating humor into an otherwise dense topic. For one of the first times, I wasn’t so nervous to present in public but was actually excited to do it. Now I have a much better eye for the details necessary in public speaking and will use his tips as the foundation for my future talks. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to have him as my coach.


"Christopher helped me understand that whilst there are many strands in a story, it is important to focus on a few select ones. He helped me to distil down my thoughts to those that were most interesting, and most relevant to the subject of the day. I was really petrified of speaking without speaking notes. The coach helped me gain comfort with cue cards and manage my fear in that way. I was able to free myself from the notes and therefore be much more natural and authentic and speak from my heart. As a result, I am far more comfortable today as a speaker, am happy to speak now without a full written speech and just cue cards. I have way more confidence."


"Christopher helped me with the preparation of my talk at TEDxBerlin 2014. His coaching comprised not only delivery techniques and impact but also especially the shaping of the storyline. I am convinced that the joint work advanced and improved my talk considerably. And more than that: it also sharpened my eye for good speeches and has massively influenced the way I approach talks and presentations since then. Christopher taught how stories can come to life via discontinuities and leaps. And he gave me the courage to show more of myself on stage. As a speaker I feel more authentic and that hopefully has also an impact on my audience."


"Chris is an effective speaking coach because of his understanding of the busy schedule of a speaker.  He comes into the conversation knowing your capabilities as a speaker and helps to quickly focus on the important points and stylistic attributes for a specific speaking engagement.  I worked with Chris for my second TEDx talk and he helped me to think about the best way to deliver my message based on the makeup of the particular audience that I would be in front of that day.  His preparation and thoughtfulness make his assistance very worthwhile."

Rania Reda, Founder & CEO of ITQAN

Patrick has coached my first ever talk on Zenith Talk platform in Berlin November 2015, and it was because of his sincere remarks, encouraging words, professional advices that the talk was delivered in a successful and smooth way. I was tensed and had some minutes of panic at first, but Patrick reassured me and taught me how to quickly generate more self-confidence, how to focus, how to speak from the heart, how to be natural, and how to walk on stage in an easy and relaxed way. He is by all means a seasoned coach and I would surely use his advice in any other talk that I might give in future.


„Thanks to the speaker training by Christopher I could understand deeply how impactful a well thought out storyline is to inspire my audience for my ideas. Due to valuable techniques and very concrete suggestions I prepare all my talks – extended speeches or short presentations – in a more structured way. A long-lasting corporate training that in addition was really fun due to Christopher’s likeable and relaxed style.“ (translated from German).


„Christopher is a highly competent and congenial coach with a clear, structured approach that I liked a lot. Our sessions very incredibly productive and, at the same time, had a pleasantly casual atmosphere. As a natural scientist it was a special challenge for me to connect with a broad audience at a deep level, but with empathy and a sense of humor Christopher helped me to put myself into the position of the audience and thus to win it over.“ (translated from German)