3rd Compass Salon "Leading ourselves and others"


We’re happy to announce our 3rd Compass Salon in cooperation with CoCreation Loft Berlin on March 28, 2019, starting at 6.30pm. This time our theme will be “Leading Ourselves and Others”.

On our 3rd Salon’s theme

No matter if we are responsible for 1.000+ employees, a team of 5, our family or just for ourselves: at some point all of us are supposed to lead. Leadership skills are not only useful for leading other people or projects - we can also apply them when it comes to leading our own lives. Because in the end, it’s all about moving ourselves and others into the right direction.

But how are we supposed to lead in a world full of complexity and uncertainty? Is it even possible to know where the finish line is, in an environment that constantly changes? Or do we need to adjust our direction after each step?


Should we orient ourselves towards a fixed goal or does “to lead“ also mean to be able to constantly adjust the goal along the way? What kind of leadership persona are there and when should we apply them?

These and more questions will be discussed during our 3rd Compass Salon. We are delighted to have Bastian Neumann joining us as speaker, providing us with some profound insights into leadership and sharing with us his experiences as a leadership coach and managing director at LEAD Academy. Bastian will introduce us the digital “leadership compass” and explain how it can help us to become better leaders.

Thanks to our partners from Nampelka there is some delicious Argentinian wine waiting for you to be tasted after the event.

About our speaker: BASTIAN NEUMANN


BASTIAN is an entrepreneur and leadership coach and currently the Managing Director of the non-profit leadership academy LEAD Academy. His goal is to build a community of leaders from all sectors to learn from each other and to develop new capacities and approaches to create positive change in their organizations and society as a whole.

Since 2015 he is with LEAD and responsible for the strategic development & management of the LEAD leadership programs, designing and implementing leadership courses and further developing the LEAD social business model.

Prior to joining LEAD, he founded an e-commerce startup and ran a cooperative online-marketplace with over 2000 members. After his diploma in development studies he has worked several years in capacity building for various international development organizations and consultancies such as InWEnt, GIZ and IPC. In his spare time, he actively explores mindfulness, practices Martial Arts, Aikido and loves surfing at the Portuguese coast.

At Compass Salon No. 3 Bastian will share some insights and tools from LEAD’s “Führungskompass” – a development model and toolbox to gain clarity and guidance dealing with complexity and uncertainty in leadership positions. As part of the interactive session we will reflect unusual but equally powerful archetypal roles that will give us new perspectives and help us to master our lives and work more successfully.

The event is hosted by wonderful Patrick Liebl and invitation only - but if you'd like to attend drop us a line and we see what we can do :-)…