Launch of Compass Talks

Aug 16, 2018. We are most happy to announce that in cooperation with CoCreation Loft, Infinity is starting a new event series called “Compass Salon” that will feature talks (Compass Talks), discussions and more.

Compass Salon is all about finding and re-adjusting your inner compass and then use it to navigate a changing world. And it’s about creating and strengthening a community or “tribe” of people interested in self-development and consciousness development in general, in order to promote progress & democracy in society and life satisfaction on an individual level.


So beyond just featuring talks of speakers with a story to tell, we want to go deeper and create a space for discussion, analysis and active participation of the audience. The participants should leave from the event not just inspired but also leave with concrete things they can implement in their lives. 

We are super happy that we got two fantastic speakers for our launch event on Oct 4, 2018: artist, author and food activist Tainá Guedes and filmmaker, extreme biker and Guinness book of records winner Reza Pakravan

Tainá is an author, artist, curator, food activist and cook of Brazilian-Japanese descent. She is the CEO and Curator at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin, and was awarded with the Dm-UNESCO Prize for Engagement. She will share with us the story of how after finding herself in one of the most challenging situations of her life she ended up discovering unknown possibilities and how she managed to become the creator of her new life as a food activist, cook and author in Germany.

Reza is an adventurer, filmmaker & author. As a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Reza has travelled and filmed all over the world, producing prime-time TV series aired on BBC, Channel 4, Fox, Aljazeera, CBC and SRF. In 2011, he earned a Guinness World Record for crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle. In 2013, Reza cycled the length of the planet from Norway to South Africa, a 102 days journey of over 11,000 miles that is described in his book “Kapp to Cape”. 
At Compass Salon, Reza will share with us his insights and lessons learnt from changing his career completely from working as a risk analyst in the City (London) to where he is today. Along the way we will learn about his fears of failure, moments of doubt and what it takes to pursue your dreams and succeed.

The event is invitation only - but if you'd like to attend drop us a line.

Let’s have a look at our compasses.