Factory Berlin Workshop "TED Insights for Powerful Presentations"

April 7, 2018. How can we defeat the villain of terribly bad, boring or just plainly ineffective talks, presentations & pitches? What’s at stake here every leader’s success at making a dent in the universe.

Presentation literacy is the core competence of the 21st century. Nearly everything leaders & entrepreneurs do involves communication, and often it involves presenting ideas in front of groups and trying to persuade other people of their ideas and the need for change.

At the upcoming workshop "TED insights for powerful presentations & pitches" at Factory Berlin on Tuesday April 17, 2018, 6.30-8.30pm, you’ll learn the secrets of powerful, effective and inspirational public speaking, based on what has become the “gold standard” of public speaking in recent years: TED Talks. The best TED Talks manage you implant an idea in the mind of the audience in max. 18 minutes, transforming how people see the world and make them think and behave differently from there on. How does this magic work? What can you learn from this for your own talks, presentations and pitches? This is the topic of our little workshop – so come join us at this unique opportunity to learn from TED how to present and pitch better.

You can sign up for the event here.


You’ll be hearing from:

Christopher is a speaker coach & communications consultant for strategic storytelling and messaging. He is the head coach of TEDxBerlin who coached hundreds of TEDx speakers at the large German TEDx conferences over the past years.

Chris helps executives, entrepreneurs & leaders tell strategic stories, clarify their messaging and positioning, and help them rock that presentation – for high-stakes pitches in front of investors or potential clients to ongoing daily sales & marketing communication. The results of his workshops & training help companies improve sales, marketing, recruiting and fundraising activities and ideally align everybody in the team around the strategic story.

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