2nd Compass Salon "Exploring our icebergs"


We’re happy to announce our 2nd Compass Salon in cooperation with CoCreation Loft Berlin on Dec. 5, 2018, starting at 6.30pm. This time our theme will be “Exploring our icebergs”.

On our 2nd Salon’s theme

What’s below the surface of our and other people’s behaviour, underlying our words and actions? What are our values, needs, desires and perceptions that are the basis for what we experience in others, in our private lives or at the workplace? And what triggers our core fears?

These are the guiding questions for our second Compass Salon “Exploring our icebergs”.

Two authors and experts in human psychology and interaction will be our guests this time: Mark Young, a highly experienced teacher and negotiator who knows about the importance of recognising your partners’ icebergs in order to have success at negotiations (or any interaction, really) and Nadjeschda Taranczewski, a distinguished coach and facilitator who has dived deeply into the psyches of countless clients and group constellations over her long career. Mark and Nadjeschda will share their stories, experiences and insights with us helping us all to discover the invisible parts of our icebergs.


Mark is an independent consultant, trainer, writer and lecturer in the field of mediation and negotiation skills training and analysis; his company, Rational Games, Inc, serves a variety of clients in the public and private sectors in the US, UK and Germany.  Mark’s business career has afforded him ample opportunities to negotiate and solve conflicts, as he has served as a corporate lending officer at Chase Manhattan Bank, a strategic consultant at McKinsey & Company, a partner at Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance and a trade negotiator in the US Department of Commerce.   

Mark is also a social entrepreneur. His organization devotes a large portion of profits to the support of projects and organizations using games and play to resolve conflict.  

At Compass Salon No. 2 Mark will share his insight on icebergs from a perspective of negotiations. Mark believes   that the crucial factor for success in negotiations in life and business is exploring and understanding your negotiation partner’s iceberg - i.e. to look beyond the tip of the iceberg (positions) to interests and perceptions. This can go as far as “playing with icebergs” improvisationally  - one of the ideas he will share with us on Dec. 5. 


Nadjeschda is an author, keynote speaker and Master Certified Coach with over 5000 documented coaching hours. She is the founder and CEO of Conscious U*, an online training company, specialised in increasing employee engagement throughout all levels of an organisation.

She was trained and licensed by McKinsey & Company as a facilitator of transformation and served as faculty at McKinsey’s partner learning programmes for ten years. Nadjeschda is a skilled facilitator of group processes, a challenging team coach and is passionate about coaching individual decision drivers in organisations to re-invent how they lead themselves, others, and their organisation.

She is author of the book ‘Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story’ and is currently working on her second book ‘The Conscious Tribe: How to Build a Source Driven Organisation’

At Compass Salon No. 2 Nadjeschda will share ideas from her new book relating to our ‘Needy Icebergs’ focused on understanding (and using) what is driving our behaviour from underneath the waterline. We will explore our personal “map of needs & desires” with her as well as the relationship between our needs and our fears.

The event is invitation only - but if you'd like to attend drop us a line.

Let’s have a look at our icebergs.