Effective communication strategies against populists

Update: a second date for the workshop has been fixed Sept. 9, 2017 - register here until Aug 20!


In cooperation with LEAD Academy we are organizing an all-day co-creative workshop on June 17, 2017 on the question of how to defend the open, liberal, democratic society against its enemies that have gained popularity recently across the Western world - call them neo-nationalists, neo-autoritarians, or right-wing populists. The aim is to develop communication strategies and to collect stories that help us to deal effectively with them - be it in talkshows, debates, on the campaign trail or more generally in daily professional or private situations.

Up to 30 participants can apply for participating actively in the discussion and the creation of strategies and stories. The program includes an interactive input session with insights around
- defining terms such as "populists", "new nationalists", "liberals" etc.
- a framework for political communication
- insights on what characterizes the communication of the new populists & neo-nationalists, as well as
- some proposals for effective strategies against the enemies of the open society.

The detailed program of the day is available upon request.

For more information or if you like to participate drop us a line at info @ infinity-institute.de.

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We believe with Karl Popper that "we can interpret history as a fight for an open society, for the rule of reason, for justice, freedom, equality and a control of international crime. Even though history has no aim we can still make this the aim of history. And even though history has no meaning we can still give it meaning." (Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies, 1945).