INFINITY collaborates with ESCP Europe Berlin on U-school (Unternehmerschule) program

On Sep 15, 2016, INFINTY Institute gave a full-day training for entre- and intrapreneurs of large companies taking part in the ESCP Berlin Unternehmerschule executive program ("U school") - the theme was "Manage your story", next to the other days "Manage your strategy" and "Manage your numbers" of the module. As Prof. Dr. René Mauer, co-head of the program, put it: "Entrepreneurs are salesmen of ideas whose futures are yet to come. Persuasion with engaging and compelling stories belongs to the key capabilities when it comes to growing your project beyond yourself."

Together with Prof. Dr. Mauer and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Alfes we helped the participants to frame their projects and business models in an engaging and persuasive way for different stakeholder groups, carving out an authentic and convincing pitch.

More information on the program: